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    Soundproof Glass Wool Soft Bags

    Soundproof glass wool soft package has the characteristics of flame retardant, fire protection, dust-free pollution, strong decoration, simple construction and so on.
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    Special High Processing
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    Guangdong Jie Fu Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.
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    2018-08-08 16:31:30

Fabric sound-absorbing board soft bag features:

1. Fabric sound-absorbing panels are available in a variety of colors and patterns of decorative fabrics, and can also be decorated with fabrics provided by the customer. The material of the facing cloth and frame can be made to fit the acoustics or other requirements.

2. The sound absorption spectrum is high, and the sound absorption is good for low, medium and high frequency noise. Characteristics include flame retardance, fireproof, no dust pollution, good aesthetics and simple construction.

Used in various high- and medium-level decoration locations that need to be designed with sound quality in mind, such as hotel restaurants, offices, movie houses, theaters, gymnasiums, recording studios, studios, conference halls, dance halls, gymnasiums, exchanges, business halls, karaoke halls, bowling allies, language rooms, rehearsal halls, hospitals, libraries, station waiting rooms, restaurants, audition rooms, home theaters, and the like.

Application range:

(1) Interior walls and ceiling finishing

(2) Specialized studios, recording studios, audio equipment testing rooms

(3) Broadcasting and audio equipment surfaces

(4) Theaters, conference rooms, indoor gymnasiums, music halls

(5) Barrier partitions, including soundproof doors and soundproof walls

(6) Libraries, reading rooms, exhibition halls, classrooms, kindergartens, piano rooms

(7) Thermal insulation, thermal insulation facilities and product surfaces

(8) Dance halls, karaoke rooms, hotels, production workshops, offices


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