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    Wholesale PEF insulation pipe

    PEF insulation board is made of advanced foaming technology, blended with various raw materials such as high-pressure polyethylene flame retardant foaming agent cross-linking agent, and high-strength foaming of polyethylene
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Product classification: PEF Insulation Pipe

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PEF Insulation Pipe

Polyethylene PEF thermal insulation material is made of special process products, its foam hole is closed hole structure, it has the characteristics of heat insulation, moisture, dew prevention, anti-aging and so on, widely used in central air conditioning and various cold and hot quality pipeline heat insulation, moisture, cold protection and so on.

Polyethylene insulation material is a high-performance energy-saving material, under the same conditions, with less materials than other materials, and the construction is convenient and fast, in order to shorten the engineering cycle, improve the construction treatment, improve the reliable guarantee.

Sheet specification:

1040 mm * 2060 mm * n

Material: polyethylene

Thickness ND diameter

2 cm DN!5-100.

3 cm DN!5-150.

4 cm DN!5-150.

Technical specifications of PEF polyethylene

Test content

Serial number technical project unit standard requirements

Length deviation mm 2060 50

Width deviation mm 1040 25

Thickness deviation mm 100 4

Tear strength N/cm 2

5 appearance quality

According to Q / 01 est001-994.2

6 tensile strength Kpa 100

7 dimensional stability (absolute value) % 70 4-25 1

8 compression strength (25%) Kpa 15

Compression permanent deformation (25%) % 15

10 water absorption g.cm 0.006

11 thermal conductivity W/m.k 0.040

12 oxygen index

22 and 32

Note according to Q/es1001 01-1999

Good fire performance: adiabatic material not only produces common type but also produces flame retardant type (oxygen index 32) two kinds of high-grade adiabatic material that can meet different fire requirements.And the product in the existing foam insulation materials and domestic similar products smoke toxicity for the minimum.

Weathering type: prosperous adiabatic material because crosslinking density is high, stability is good, ultraviolet ray irradiates 300 hours artificially, surface layer does not have change, service life is long.

Corrosion resistance: can be resistant to a variety of chemical drugs, soaked after the basic deformation, not cracking, so can be widely used chemical pipeline, tank insulation.

Low temperature resistance: in strong low temperature, the material structure does not damage, deformation, cracking.

Non-toxic: flourishing insulation material does not have any toxic substance.In pyrolysis, no harmful gases will be produced.

Cushioning: the impact resistance and cushioning of the thermal insulation material are the best for other thermal insulation materials.

Other advantages: beautiful, a variety of colors for choice;Easy to process and conform with other materials;Soft and smooth, good touch;Light as cotton, etc.

Tube sheet

Density: 20-30kg/m3 

Density: 20-30kg/m3

Resilient rate: 90% 

Coefficient of thermal conductivity: 0.035 w/m.h. ℃

Temperature: - 50 ℃, 80 ℃ (short)

Temperature: - 50 ℃, 80 ℃ (short)

Tensile strength: 2.2kg/cm2 

Resilience: 90%

Compressive hardness: 0.5kg/cm2                      

Tensile strength: 2.2kg/cm2

Water absorption: 1%                                           

Compression hardness: 0.5kg/cm2

Specification: Ø 15-1020 - mm                                

Bibulous rate: 1% or less

Thickness: 20-100mm                                              

Specification: 1000*2000mm

Thickness: 10-100mm